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Ambassadors' Terms and Conditions

Ambassadors' Terms and Conditions


    1. Submit Contacts [Names, Phone Number, Email Address, Photo and relevant documentation   that may be required].
    2. Registration with =N=3,000 into the on-line platform to qualify as The Entrepreneur Ambassador and Activate-Your-Referral-link/Share to earn your commission.
    3. Earn Commission of 10% on every direct Referral.
    4. To qualify as The Entrepreneur Brand Ambassador, you MUST have up 2500 referrals and above.
    5. Be among the first 20 Brand Ambassadors to meet the targeted 2500 referrals and above to qualify for the Business Development Forum (Conference) Houston Texas, United States
    6. Cash reward of two hundred and fifty thousand [=N=250,000.] naira only for qualified becoming “The Entrepreneur Brand Ambassador”.
    7. Exceed the target of 2500 within a timeline of 2 weeks from the registration day, and be recognized officially with The Entrepreneur Award Plaque and a Platinum Lapel Pin.
    8. All performing Ambassadors will meet with our Team for updates, results and performance review.
    9. The Entrepreneur Brand Ambassadors will perform in trainings, in-line with SDGs that will run quarterly in The Entrepreneur Community.
    10. The Entrepreneur Ambassadors will have opportunity for Employment.

    11. The Entrepreneur Ambassador’s participation is opened to Nigerians regardless your location provided they meet the eligibility requirements and are willing and able to cover their own travel expenses to and fro.

      The Entrepreneur Ambassador’s participation is opened to all Nigerian citizen irrespective of Race, Gender, Tribe, Ethnicity or Religion.

      REQUIREMENTS FOR Becoming The Entrepreneur Ambassador.

      [Please Read through Carefully Before Assent for The Entrepreneur Brand Ambassador]

      Becoming The Entrepreneur Ambassador, eligibility requirements MUST be met for you to proceed with the application process. If unable to meet all the requirements, Please do not Apply.

      The Entrepreneur Ambassador MUST be a Nigerian citizen.

      The Entrepreneur Ambassador MUST be from the age 18+ years.

      The Entrepreneur Ambassador MUST be in excellent physical and mental health.

      The Entrepreneur Ambassador MUST be willing and able to organizer training and workshops to harness for Entrepreneurs.

      The Entrepreneur Ambassador MUST be willing and able to cover all your travel expenses tro and fro to any of our trainings and workshops.

      The Entrepreneur Ambassador MUST be willing and able to fulfil participation by engaging more participants.

      The Entrepreneur Ambassador MUST be willing and able to relate, respect opinion and privacy of another Ambassador who will be your teammate.

      The Entrepreneur Ambassador’s qualification/Degree is NOT a MUST have, however you must be able to communicate fluently, read and write correctly, an undergraduate or graduate; this is done in good faith for easy expression for entry.

      The Entrepreneur Ambassador MUST be willing to attend any of our scheduled programme in any of the location nearest to you out of the six regions across Nigeria.

      The Entrepreneur Ambassadors MUST be willing to assume full responsibility for the consequences of Becoming The Entrepreneur Ambassador.


      I hereby acknowledge and confirm that;

      • I am a Nigerian citizen.
      • I am 18+ years age an above.
      • There shall be NO refund of the registration fees.
      • I have read, I meet and I agree to be bound by the entry rules and requirements for Becoming The Entrepreneur Ambassador.
      • I have filled the application form honestly and accurately.
      • I confirm that I have not in any way misled, or attempted to mislead the organizer’s Producers regarding my identity and experiences, or in any other way.
      • If any of the information I gave in my application form is at any point found to be false, I understand and I agree that this will be sufficient grounds for my disqualification from The Entrepreneur Ambassadors and/or from The Entrepreneur Brand Ambassador itself, even if I had previously achieved my targets of 2500 and above, even if I meet the entry rules and requirements,
      • Qualifying for the Canadian trip is only based on my performance to hit the expected target of 2500 and above referrals and not subject to appeal or challenge.
      • I agree to keep strictly confidential all the information that I acquire about The Entrepreneur Ambassador and/or my participation in The Entrepreneur.
      • I agree that my voice, actions, and likeness may be recorded as a part of this application and participant selection process and I understand that the Producers may decide, but are in no way obligated, to actually use such recordings during process.
      • The Producers are not obligated to return any materials submitted by me as part of The Entrepreneur Ambassador, whether or not I am met the target. The Producers may, but are in no way obligated to use any such materials in, and in connection with, as The Entrepreneur Ambassador.
      • I agree to authorize the Producers to conduct background checks to verify information supplied by me in the application form.
      • If I meet the referral target of 2500 and above, I hereby assign to The Entrepreneur Ambassador the Right to use my photographs, likeness, profile, voice, sound effect, and other materials for the purpose of The Entrepreneur Ambassadors and/or and related publicity and marketing whether or not I am actually become The Entrepreneur Brand Ambassadors.


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