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About The Entrepreneurs


To create a platform on which the human capital recourses can be harnessed.


To turn aspiring entrepreneurs to practicing entrepreneurs
about the entrepreneurs

Who We Are

The Erudite Entrepreneur, is a human capital resources and development organization. Our focal point is to evaluate competence and capacity building, these are carried on by organizing entrepreneurial programs, conferences, business developments, trainings and a soon to air a reality TV show to create diverse opportunities for trade initiatives and business investments
Now, decides to create first of its kind, a Business reality TV show called - The Entrepreneur.

Why The Entrepreneur

The aim of this show is to turn aspiring entrepreneurs to practicing entrepreneurs for both existing or starters, to guide the entrepreneurs through business rudiments to start-up, manage, growth and to become employers of labour.

The resultant effect we expect is a better society; arising from well-motivated, goal-driven and focused young Nigerians worthy of emulation across the globe

Together, lets make great things happen!

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